The human took time of approximately 10,000 years for acclimation and improvement of crop plants and development of production technologies. And the human have diversified and expended the production of resources such as foods, clothes and flowers, which have been indispensable to survive and enjoy affluent life. The sustained development of these plants is a human common desire. In the present days under the world population increasing rapidly and the global environment turning worse, the development of the environmentally sound and highly efficient food production technology is strongly demanded. To that end, it is necessary to develop a wide range of technologies from gene manipulation to environment management and to unify them. The Division of Agronomy and Horticultural Science works on this issue head on. This division consists of the 9 laboratories, Crop Science, Plant Breeding, Vegetable and Ornamental Horticulture, Pomology, Weed Science, Plant Production Systems, Food Quality Design and Development, Quality Analysis and Assessment and Plant Production Control Science. The division makes full use of the techniques ranging from molecular biology to ecology to conduct the fundamental studies for solutions to the issue. In addition, we perform active international collaborative researches in the fields such as the world food problem or issue of global environment. We send graduates who are not only highly specialized in each field but also strong in collective capacity and internationality, to universities, public research and administrative organizations and the food-related private enterprises.

Laboratory of Crop Science

Laboratory of Plant Breeding

Laboratory of Vegetable and Ornamental Horticulture

Laboratory of Pomology

Laboratory of Weed Science

Laboratory of Plant Production Systems

Laboratory of Food Quality Design and Development

Laboratory of Quality Analysis and Assessment

Laboratory of Plant Production Control

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